Flowers flowers yes I love Flowers!!!

The concentration ………Well  this is my very first blog in my entire 54  years of been on this beautiful planet !!

I, d better tell you all a little about my self and ill warn you , some one out there might want to make it into a florists soap opera .

So obviously my name is Liz  , I ve been a florist for a very long time well I bought my first florist shop when my son was 11 ish , he is  now 30 and I trained a few years before that too .

My first shop was Gerts florist in Honley i bought it with all its trimmings for £25,000 ,  it was quaint and  spooky at times , there was definately a ghost in the  cellar type shop which was situated under  Stylish Thoughts  Hairdresser at the bottom of Church street.

When you first start out in business  there is obviously teething problem , ill be honest with you there still happening now , the colour of my hair  really gets me out of scrapes and did several times over the years .

On reflection  it was when i over dosed the flowers on flower food  !!! mmm I bet your thinking how on earth did you manage that ?? quite easily.

You seen I bought a large tub of liquidized flower food  which had a pump  , so i merrily gave each flower vase a large dose of flower food , but yes you guessed it not the right quantity of water , consequencing in  flowers been totally hung over and died.

Put yourself in the scene …    Monday morning  opens the door to see very sad looking flowers  ahhhhhhh.

My theory is  and has been from that day onwards …….. Bleach your vase , fresh clean water cut stems on a angle and remove leaves , pop in your vase and enjoy ………NO FLOWER FOOD NEEDED

Hope you have enjoyed reading my very first blog … feel free to send comments  and look forward to future blogs .



29. October 2021 by The Watering Can Florist
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